Free Introduction to T’ai Chi and Practice Session

Get a Healthy Start in the New Year with T’ai Chi!

Beginnners welcome, no experience needed.

T’ai Chi is…

A SERIES OF 37 gentle, flowing movements that have been practiced as a health exercise since ancient times. Based on natural laws, it teaches relaxation, boosts energy, and erases tension. Performed in a calm, peaceful manner, it can work for all regardless of age.

A MOVING MEDITATION that teaches relaxation in the midst of activity. Rather than sitting motionless, students learn to stay centered and relaxed while flowing through the series of uninterrupted movements. This aspect of T’ai Chi is particularly practical and applicable for people living in today’s stressful environments.



Saturday, 8:30 – 9:30 am


**Civic Building at Veterans Plaza in downtown Silver Spring                                                    at the intersection of Fenton Street and Ellsworth Avenue



Come and join with other members of your community in learning and practicing the healthy, gentle, and graceful movements of T’ai Chi. No experience necessary. Beginners are welcome.

If you have any questions about T’ai Chi, the Saturday morning practice, classes, or how to register for classes, please feel free to contact Michael Ward at: • 301-525-8266